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Caring Property Management for Your Community

Complaints Resolution Process

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Atira understands concerns may arise about how we conduct ourselves with respect to our housing and related support services. We trust this complaint resolution process allows you the opportunity to be heard and allows our staff the opportunity to best hear your concerns. Our intention is to always act in the best interests of ALL of the people we house and support. We understand you have the right to raise your concerns and that we have a responsibility to carefully consider your concerns and to respond. Some examples of concerns that could arise include the following: 

  • You believe you are being harassed, discriminated against or threatened;
  • You believe you are not being treated with respect and dignity;
  • You believe you are being treated unfairly;
  • You believe you are being excluded from planning/decision-making that concerns you;
  • You believe staff are being unclear in stating expectations of tenants;
  • You believe staff or programs are not living up to Atira’s stated mandates and/or commitments;
  • You are dissatisfied with Atira’s services at any level.

All concerns and/or complaints will be dealt with fairly, promptly and where appropriate, in confidence. A resolution means ALL parties involved in the complaint are heard and fully involved in the process. If the resolution is not what you were hoping for, it does not mean there was no resolution. Whatever the outcome of a complaint, our priority is to reach a resolution that benefits everyone Atira serves and one that honours Atira’s commitments and mandate. It is also Atira’s priority to ensure all resolutions, solutions and decisions are properly explained to and understood by everyone involved.

Please download the PDF below to see the full process.