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Caring Property Management for Your Community

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - Film Project: Our Stories

We are accepting proposals for the development of a short film (15-20 minutes).

Specifically, we would like to honour our staff by providing them with an opportunity to tell their stories, in their own words. Most of Atira’s staff are from the community in which Atira manages single room accommodation hotels. Many still live in these hotels.

Submission Requirements

·        A written description of the proposed work, including but not limited to the story board and general feel of the film.

·        A detailed resume, including selected portfolio of past and present works.

·        A written description of how the film makers will engage Atira Property Management Inc. and or front-line staff.

·        A fee proposal.


Project Timeframe

The film must be complete no later than Dec 15th, 2012.

Please send proposal to the attention of

Caithlin Scarpelli

Manager, Communications & Fundraising

Atira Women's Resource Society | Atira Property Management Inc.


101 East Cordova Street

Vancouver, BC V6A 4H6